Monday, July 25, 2011

#98 - Second to Last

Dear Family and Friends,                     July 25th, 2011

Things just keep ramping up to the big drop-off. I have expressly forbidden my district members from saying anything about Elder Farnbach, and going home. Our Zone Leaders like to trash on me a little bit, but it's all in the numbers. 35 lessons per week, every week, for 3 months. Feeling strong, punk? Call me trunky one more time.

We had just the most productive week ever this past week. I went on splits with Elder Ne., and came back to find that my son (trainee) had given 11 people baptismal dates. Way to go Elder Ni.! The district came out having found 60 new investigators. I wish I could explain to you just what Ghana and Ghanaians are really like. We are afraid to talk about God back home. Here, "by His grace" is the common answer to "How are you?". There stores are called "God is Good" Furniture, or "Only Jesus" in Stock. That last one makes me chuckle. I know I have said that before, but it's such a huge part of it. At first, I used to try and figure out someone's religious life by looking around their house when they invited me to sit. EVERYONE has a picture of the Savior here. Even some of the Muslims! These are people who wish to know their Heavenly Father. They want to do what is right. They have a lot of obstacles, but once a Ghanaian is convinced of the truth, they are firm in the faith.

I've also given a lot of thought to pride and education. We had an amazing contrasting experience. We were teaching a very educated, scripturally literate Nigerian named A. This man is so wrapped up in the most ridiculous of details that he cannot even bring himself to read the Book of Mormon. Nonsense about original Greek, baptism, the meaning of the Holy Ghost, things that I just feel could be so simple! Then you have K.. We have to really simplify our teaching, but it is amazing what he learns and puts together. The man has no real degree of education. His English is simple and stuttered. But he is light-years ahead when it comes to spiritual truth. He put together the Apostasy without us. He knows the process of praying for answers. And while A. is reading a book called "Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room", K. is enjoying the revelations found in the Book of Mormon.

Our converts in the branch are doing wonderfully. We just taught Francis to perform baptisms, as he was ordained recently. We hope to line one up for him soon to exercise the Priesthood he has been given. Davies, baptized LAST Saturday, was asked to teach part of an Elder's Quorum lesson one week later. John, baptized the 23rd, has been asked to share his testimony at Branch Conference in a few weeks. It is a joy to see my brothers and sisters grow in the Gospel. Truly, there isn't anything that makes us happier.

We have also been having great success in helping people overcome addictions. Why am I saying we? We have nothing to do with it. These men, good, stable fathers, are taking their lives seriously, and immersing themselves in the scriptures to try to fix their problems. I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the source of spiritual power. I am grateful for Christ's sacrifice. If you truly understand that, you understand your purpose. I don't want to spoil anything, but I have been giving a lot of thought to the spiritual needs of man. I think really, we need two things. 1.) Identity, and 2.) Direction. If you have these two things, you can overcome anything. You will find great peace in the world. You will see challenges and joys in proper perspective.

In other news, the last three lessons in Elder's Quorum have been "Family Responsibilities" "Eternal Marriage" and a talk by Elder Scott... "The Blessings of Eternal Marriage". Hmmmm.

Talk to you next week! That's right. I will still be a missionary next week. And how I revel it that knowledge :)

Elder W. Farnbach

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  1. just wanted to say thank you for posting all your addresses! a good friend of mine is about to go off on his mission in ghana and this helped me solve the puzzle he made me do to get them! hope all is well. i'm sure you're having a wonderful experience in ghana/accra (my blog is just for a class, but it lets me comment on things like this!) thanks again!