Monday, July 11, 2011

#96 - Meeting the New Mission President

[ only two or three more possibly coming before he is home!!! ]

Dear Friends and Family,                                     July 11, 2011

First thing is first. President Judd is truly amazing. Now, I know there are some psychological phenomenons, for example, when a child loses a parent, and then the survivor gets re-married. The child feels guilt for liking the new one for fear that that somehow diminishes his love for the previous one. I loved President Smith. The man is my mission president. But also, President Judd is awesome. As we were having Zone Conference, he was introducing himself and getting to know all of us. "Now, Elder Farnbach doesn't know this, but he has helped Sister Judd and I a lot to prepare for our missions." Sister Judd- "We've been stalking his mission blog for months!" The rest of the conference, he was just letting me have it about finishing soon. "Elder Farnbach, how is your girlfriend?" "President, I don't have a girlfriend." "I know. Because I read your blog." or "Faith is how I met Sister Judd... Elder Farnbach, take notes." This man is clearly a psychology doctorate, because he read me like an open book. hahahaha Marriage - Talks - and Attention. You win, President Judd.

If I had written this letter on Saturday, it would've been a little depressing. We lost a lot of investigators that day, and no one wanted to listen to what we had to say. It was terribly disheartening, and Elder Ni. and I spent a lot of time on our knees that night. Imagine, then, our surprise when many, many investigators came to church. We have a new man coming, whose name is Ebenezer. He has told us numerous times that, while at a funeral, he realized he was not right with God, and that he doesn't have time to waste. He drinks pretty heavily, but I am confident he will do very well. He really seemed to enjoy church on Sunday. Church was the best it has even been. We had a wonderful lesson on family responsibilities. That is really the grand key of the Church.  The Church exists to support families. It strengthens each member, which strengthens the whole, which strengthens the Church... which strengthens each member of the family, which strengthens... etc. I cannot wait to have my own family!!

The real great lesson this week was by President Judd, on Faith. We cannot have faith in things that are contrary to God's will. We must have perfect faith to be saved, according to 2 Nephi 9. We learn the will of God by revelation. We cannot be saved unless we have personal revelation. QED. I was just amazed at how easily that all fit together. Just goes to show, though, that we will never be smarter then the Prophets. It took me forever just to understand something that was revealed 200 years ago!

I love you all. This week just flew. President Judd asked me if I would extend 1 year. I said "In a heartbeat!" I know he wasn't serious, but serving the Lord means just that much to me. To my friends who are wondering or considering whether you should go, take it up with the Lord! I will not, have not ever regretted the choice to serve a mission.

Elder W. Farnbach

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