Monday, May 16, 2011

# 89 - Leaving Abomosu / Terrys Going Home

Dear Family and Friends,                                   May 16, 2011

     This week was a little bit crazy. Because I got transferred. I didn't really think that would happen. Even when I found out I was training, I still didn't really put that together with "transfer". This will be my last time packing before I go home.

Sad things:
     Leaving Abomosu. I don't tell people when I am getting transferred. I just leave a message with the missionary who stays for anyone who asks. It's important to me that my investigators and converts do not think I'm an indispensable part of the Church. So I quietly disappear, and assure them that the Lord has called me somewhere else, and that as long as the next guy has "Elder" in front of his name, he can do the job just as well as I can, so they shouldn't worry.
     The Terry's left. Oh, I love the Terrys. They were my longest-running companions, really. I had 5 transfers with them, and love them dearly. They were such a powerful example of what two people, living righteously, could do. They just reached out and built that district, changing it into somewhere everyone loved to be. We made sure to eat with them on Monday, and then Monday night, we went and burned a pair of pants, a shirt, and the tie that Elder Terry wore every day on this mission. Sister Terry lit it. It made a hilarious video. Which, maybe I can attach.

Happy things:
     I am now living in Effiduase, a suburb of Koforidua. I'm the district leader, so I still get to go on splits with the Zone Leaders... in Abomosu. So, I'm not really gone. The area has waterfalls and the bead market. And B. Fosters Bread, which is highly sought after around the mission. We have two other elders living with us, Elder Op. and Elder Ne.. It's going to be a pretty obedient, hardworking, no-stress apartment.
     My trainee... shown above as the baptist. Welcome to the field, Elder Ni.! He's 20, and from Australia, but he is Filipino. It's going to be awesome. He's a little quiet. Clearly, the Lord knows I can ride a bike. But really, I told him that training him is the last thing I'm going to do, so we'll go big, then I'll go home.

     I wish I had more missionary things to talk about, but when you whitewash an area, you don't really know anything. We found 23 investigators in 4 days, though, so I know this will be a great area. We also found 4 families that we are really hopeful for. As we were joking about training and our mission families, it occurred to me that (this isn't doctrinal, mind you) perhaps my children have been allowed to watch my mission. As they are making their last preparations to come, I'd hope that they'd be proud of the kind of missionary their father was. As we are extending dates, we already have given some for the last week of June. It occurred to me "That's just a few weeks before I go home," Then I got really terrified. I like being a missionary. As I'm training, I feel like I'm just getting good at it! I love every day I get to serve, and I look forward to doing it well this next few weeks.

Elder W. Farnbach

P.S Not being a Zone Leader means less frequent mail :(

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