Monday, March 28, 2011

#82 - Best Week Ever / Jenga

Dear Family and Friends,                               March 28, 2011

This was the best. Week. Ever. Started pretty innocuously enough, but
it just kept rolling on until things turned great.

    Monday, for the first time ever, the Assistants came up on splits
with us. It was pretty nice to go into two areas at the same time.
Elder Do. went to a inactive village called Sankubanase,
and I stayed here in Abomosu proper. It's interesting. I was worried
lately that we'd pretty well fished these places out, and was dreading
next month. This week, however, we found a whopping 19 new investigators.
And I guess we were just living right, because I felt guided in my
teaching and my proselyting more then ever before. Every night this
whole week, I'd get home, plan, say my prayers, and then flop onto my
bed and say "My life is just so awesome I don't know what to do with
myself!" Then, we played Jenga. I don't know why Elder Ga. had Jenga,
but it was way more fun then I ever remember it being. We all got
pretty good at it, until we had one game where there was literally no
more blocks to move... and it was Elder Bo.'s turn. Sweet.

    This week, I really learned what Elder Ballard means when he says
"Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is a source of spiritual power
that gives you and me the assurance that we have nothing to fear from
the journey." I felt a real power working with us as we went out and
tried to be as perfect as possible all day. Mountains of work were
accomplished, more then I'd ever imagined we could do. I was happy every
minute of every day, even when investigators didn't want to come along
for the ride. And we did all this with a baptism AND two meetings this

Agnes O. was baptized along with her son. I was the baptist again.
I was so happy to baptize this wonderful, faithful lady AND her son!
Yay families! Best part? We found two NEW families this week, too.

    We've also been working a lot to motivate all the members around
us. Again, as we tried to do our best, miracles happened. Hint to
missionaries, if you have stubborn members, LOOK LIKE you are being
helpful. Make it obvious. I like the example of the unjust judge. Be persistent, and
things happen. When auxiliary leaders don't come to your meetings, go
to their house and say "Oh, I know how terribly busy you are. Here, we
simplified the meeting, and will now be having a 15 minute
coordination with you!" Do this around 8:00, so that next time,
they'll know better. Now, I may be sounding negative, so let me point
out the positives. Both of them greeted ALL the investigators who came
to Church Sunday. Our RS president has asked that we take her to each
home so the presidency can visit them. WOW! And we had a branch
missionary training. With 5 branches, and little work being done, we
made them all report on what they've accomplished in the last 3
months. Then we taught about accountability. Some of them were clearly
embarrassed, and we pointed out that it is probably how they'd feel
when Christ asked them about their stewardship. As I read 3 Nephi 11,
I was impressed that the first thing Christ did was introduce Himself,
and then gave a stewardship report. "I have suffered the will of the
Father in all things." I think this was His way of saying "And when
you and I meet, I'll ask you about the same thing."

    The District PEC was cool too. We are gearing up for a district
conference, and I'm really excited. Those meetings used to be everyone
getting together and complaining about challenges in their callings.
Only bad was discussed. But using the training given in the Worldwide
handbook training, it was a great, spiritual experience. I feel like
wonders are happening in the Abomosu District. I love being here, and
I love EVERY MINUTE of it!

    The other great thing I learned this week is the power of true,
sincere prayer. I love the phrase "my soul hungered". It just tells me
that, what I can see, taste, hear and smell cannot constitute faith.
No amount of external testimony will satisfy the heart. Faith comes
from talking to God, and having Him talk to you! It is a very real
thing. True, sincere prayer probably contains little that you've said
before, and probably less of what is said in "official prayers"
(Sacrament meetings, classes, etc.). It is true, open communication
with God, and it does no good to hide anything, as He knows it

     Sunday was spent in Asuom. The meeting was a little frustrating,
but the lesson was okay. I feel like I learned something important.
Yokes are placed when someone wants work done. The difference between
a "yoke" and a "burden", in my mind at least, is that a yoke
accomplishes something. Do we think that the experience of testifying
before Caesar was easy for Paul? Yet he was sent to do it, and
therefore had the Lord's help. Compare that to the woman at the
Pharisee's feast. The terrible burden of immorality was upon her, and
she put it on herself. It served no useful purpose, and therefore, she
was not entitled to the Lord's help to carry it. Only when she had
repented did that burden come off.

    I love you all. I love missionary work. I love Ghanaians. They
are beautiful, blessed people.

Elder W. Farnbach

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