Monday, March 14, 2011

#80 Lost Camera

Dear Family and Friends,                              March 14, 2011

Well, I imagine today's letter will be a little bit short. I'm not
feeling too well again and need to sleep. It's just a
repeat-performance of last time, so I'll be up and going by tomorrow.
Don't worry.

    This last week was kinda stressful. We maintain a rigorous split
schedule, and try to go every week (though President just told us we
don't have to split anymore as it costs too much money). This week, we
went to Asamankese. On the way, I lost my camera (Dear Mommy, before
you worry, read the rest of the e-mail) AND I ripped my pants.
Frankly, I just came home from that split angry and upset. When we
realized the camera was gone, I had given up on it. But, Elder Do.
luckily had the ticket from the tro-tro we rode. This is the ONLY
tro-tro we ride that issues tickets, mind you. The ticket gave the
license number of the vehicle, and we got in touch with the station
master to get his route and phone number. We had sat in the front, and
I had figured the driver would be the first to see it. We called him,
and he HAD it! So, the next time he was in Asamankese, the Elders
there got in touch with him, and recovered it. Seriously, that's one
of those tender mercies that God gives. Do I NEED a camera on a
mission? No. There is nothing necessary about it. But Heavenly Father,
knowing I'd been taking some great pictures, and knowing that I wanted
to have some memories to show my kids, allowed me to be in the PERFECT
circumstance to make up for my carelessness.

    We also had Zone Conference this week. It was basically a giant
pump-up session, as a lot of missionaries have been feeling a little
run-down lately. It was all about having faith in our companions and
our areas. I taught the one about our areas. Frankly, as I look
back, I've served in all the best areas of this mission. I'll fight to
the death any missionary who says they have been more blessed in their
assignments than I have. I just hope that means I've been doing a good
job in them. What a blessing to know that Heavenly Father is SO
concerned with the welfare of His children, that He personally
hand-picks where each of the now 53,000 missionaries in the world
serves, right down to the immediate geographical area! President Smith
added that doing transfers takes him weeks, because he wants everyone
to be in just the right place. He held out some index cards he carries
in his pocket to mark his impressions. Then, he said "I've already
figured out two Elder's assignments just from looking at you in this
room." Hahaha wow. From then on, we joked about "President's writing
again! I swear, he just looked at you. Man, where do you think you're

    The other big thing that happened was we had another baptism.
S. and J. S. is the wife of a less-active that I think
we just successfully re-activated. J. was on of those guys that
just kinda fell into the water. He readily accepted everything, and my
favorite part was when he showed up to his interview all dressed up in
a white shirt and slacks. The guy just gets it!

    I can't really imagine what else to write... I love you all very
much. I'm amazed how fast everything is going, and can't really
imagine being home soon. I love the people of Ghana, and sometimes
it's hard to imagine not being around them all the time.

Elder W. Farnbach

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