Monday, February 28, 2011


Dear Family and Friends, Feb. 28, 2011

    I have felt very... introverted this week. This was the first
week where we didn't have some meeting or a long day of Sunday
interviews to do, so we were able to work in our own area for more time than
    To be honest, I was struggling quite a bit this week. I do not
suppose there was any major cause of it. It was just easier to find
the down side then the upside most of the time. I had some fun in
Konongo with Elder He., and met some great people, but in my own
area, I was just kind of in the dumps.
    Now that I remember it, we did have a meeting this week. We had a
leadership meeting which sort of defined my thoughts for the next few
days. It was very short, just an hour and a half, which is why I think
it didn't register to me. We learned a lot about personal example,
agency and leadership. It all migrated to (Yep. You guessed it!) D&C
121! It never gets old. It started my thinking a lot on the principle of
agency and leadership. How does Heavenly Father get people to do what
He wants without compulsion? It is simple. He illuminates perfectly
the choice to be made (tailored, of course, to the needs and
understanding of those making the choice), with it's accompanying
consequences. That is all. He does not compel or force. But for those
who humbly recognize the wisdom Heavenly Father has, and His great
love and concern for the well-being of His children, the natural
choice is just to ask "Well, what do you think?" This beautiful
little... loop hole is not the right word, but I cannot think of
another... allows Heavenly Father to lead, guide and direct His
children without compromising their right to choose. This is how we,
when we are called as leaders, are to move the work along in our
various auxiliaries.
    This leads to my other point. We often joke about "fantasy zones"
where we select the missionaries we would love to have serving with
us. This seems odd, I'm sure, but when missionary work is ALL that you
do, it is also all that you think about. At our training, President
would ask the District Leaders what their purpose was. Then he asked
us. He then went and read Moses 1:39 to us. "Do you think Jesus Christ
would give anything BUT this answer, regardless of His calling?" I was
embarrassed and a little ashamed. But I came to understand this
principle. The best Zone would have Jesus Christ serving as the Zone
Leader, with Jesus Christ being His companion. There would also be
copies of Him serving as each District Leader, Senior Companion and
Junior Companion. This is true of any work we will ever do. As we
strive to be like Christ, we will do the best possible job in each of
these callings.
    This led to the best part of the week. I repented of my terrible
attitude. Saturday was like pulling teeth in Asuom, but then a member
gave us a referral. This never happens! But the Spirit was strong as he
sat in that lesson with us. How did he meet this man? He overheard
Seth (the investigator) complaining about how money-centered most
churches are today. He went over, bore his testimony, and invited him
to church. Wow! Gutsy, to be sure, but exactly what we should do. He
agreed to be baptized right away. Sister A., a deaconess in her
church, has been struggling with the prospect of leaving. Saturday
night, however, accompanied by that same Spirit from Seth's lesson,
she decided to come and bring her children. Sunday, she was there, and
we did EVERYTHING Preach My Gospel says to do. We introduced her to
members, the branch president and her auxiliary leaders. We took her
children to Primary. We did the same for John O., another surprise
referral from Elder Abu, who, upon sitting and conversing a little in a
taxi with John, bore his testimony, and invited him to be taught by
the missionaries. John accepted, and came to church. I looked at Elder
Do. and said "This is probably the first day where I can honestly
say, we have done EVERYTHING right!" It was a wonderful feeling, that
carried over to District PEC, where I could honestly say that
everything was looking up.
    And then, today, we went and did service. "Weeding" they call it.
Weeding is pulling up a few plants in a garden. This was closer to
mowing your lawn with a sword. Fun for a few minutes, to be sure, but
my arms are still sore!

    I love you all. I'm happy to be a missionary. We are working with
some wonderful people. God sent some of His noblest children to Ghana.
I hope to come home and keep this same attitude all the time. I want
to serve the rest of my life, if that's what it takes.
Elder W. Farnbach

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