Monday, February 14, 2011

#76 - Chocolate Day

Dear Family and Friends, February 14, 2010

    This past week was just like last week. The whole week, I'm
stressing out about not accomplishing enough, and then Sunday night
comes and we say "That's the best week we've had for months!" Things
are just starting to click, and it's got me giggling.

    On Monday night, we had a family, the As, tell us they are
thinking about being baptized. This is especially great because I
started teaching them ONE YEAR AGO. The problem was, the father was a
headmaster at a Presbyterian school, and he was worried converting
would put him in a bad way with his superiors. Well, he was just
promoted, and so now he IS his superiors!
    Tuesday-Wednesday, I was on a split with an old missionary (16
months) named Elder S. He has a bit of a
reputation, but the whole time he worked with me, he was a real stud.
I told him, I see no reason for him to have that reputation, and if he
continues to work like this, I'll make sure he won't any more.
Forgiving people is super important. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you
let a past flaw ruin your opinion of someone, you soon find you have
no friends. The only downside was Wednesday was spent un-splitting,
and we are 2.5 hours from his area. Oi... I spend so much time
in Tro-Tros, it's a miracle any work gets done.
    I don't particularly remember Thursday, but it was probably good
too. OH! Killer rainstorms. The thing with storms in Africa is they
take about 10 minutes to hit. You just get this crazy rush of wind,
and you might as well set your watch. 10 minutes later, buckets.
Supposedly, the rainy season is coming early, but they also tell me
the rainy season is HOTTER than the dry season. What the heck?
    Friday we went to Kwabeng, and had some pretty uneventful
lessons. Then we taught one guy about the Pre-Earth Life. We taught another
man named Jackson. He's an old harbor worker who is about 61. The
lesson went from Baptism to the First Vision in about 15 seconds. I
really gained an appreciation for what Priesthood really means.
"Hello, this is Heavenly Father. I have about a billion worlds and
universes to take care of, so I can't come baptize you. But, I've sent
Elder Farnbach to come and do it for me." That's a little more
humorous than I'd like, because it just boggles my mind. What a
responsibility that I could probably never live up to... without
Father's help, I mean.
    Saturday we had a baptism for two of our most awesome people.
Only one showed up, though, but the other made it the following day. We
don't empty fonts here. It's just going to be filled up again! That's
why I love serving in Ghana. Such great people. Bernice is a single
mother of 2, and she's 19! Kwesi prayed about the Church, heard a
voice from Heaven, and then saw the name of the Church written on his
wall. THEN he contacted us! And his wife came, which was cool too.
Then we went to Asamankese for a split... and there was ANOTHER
baptism! It was soo cool, because Kofi, a convert of 5 weeks, baptized
his wife, Georgina. He is barely literate so he spent a long time
practicing that prayer. I was deeply touched. Then, she bore her
testimony about how she hoped to go to the temple with her husband and
children. That's how every baptism should be! Then, Elder Bills and I
had pumpkin pie.
   Sunday I had to spend in two branches in Asamankese. I love my
mission, but I'll be happy to go to church where things are a little
more normal again. After Sacrament meeting, EVERYONE went across the
street to buy food! Then, the kids decided not to go to Sunday School, but instead
play soccer on the front yard. So, Elder Bi. and I had to chase
them down. 6 foot tall obruny men can be pretty convincing. These
things take time, though, and I know the Church is growing like a
really useful weed here in Ghana. Dad was probably right when he said
it won't be too long before THEY start sending missionaries to the US,
like the Lamanites and the Nephites.
    Now, I have either food poisoning or sun-sickness, but I'm still
loving life! I hope you all have a great week!
    Happy Valentines day! (In Ghana, the government is worried it's
too romantic, so they call it Chocolate Day... hahahahaha!)
Elder W. Farnbach

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