Monday, December 27, 2010

#69 Last Chrismas on My Mission

Dear Friends and Family,                                      December 27, 2010

Well, another Christmas has come, and gone. I told Elder Do., "You know the best gift I got this Christmas?" "What?" "That next Christmas, I'll be at home!" Don't get me wrong. I love a lot of what I do here, but no one likes spending Christmas away from his family.
     We had our Christmas Dinner last pie and pork roast! The other missionaries in my zone complain the Terrys spoil us. I point out that mine is the only real bush territory (as no one speaks English, we don't have net cafes, etc.) and that we've totally earned it. We watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas. I'd never seen it before. What a beautiful little movie. Jimmy Stewart is the man.
     I learned an important lesson this week. I'd just read Pres. Eyring's talk about magnifying our callings. I spend so much time trying to manipulate, record, and innovate my way in to being a better missionary and mission leader. It's really so simple though. Just do what you've been called to do. You do not need to re-invent the wheel to magnify your calling. I'll give this example. Tuesday was very rough. Our first two lessons were with non-English speakers. Now, most of the time, it's just unfortunate and we try to smile and jimmy our limited Twi into a loose form of communication. They said rude things to us in Twi, hoping that I can't tell. It just put me in the foulest mood and ruined that whole day. I was not feeling charitable and it drove away the Spirit. I didn't want anything good for anyone we saw that whole day, especially not baptism. Wednesday, I resolved that I'd find someone interested that day. During the first lesson, that was my object. It just turned the whole day around. It sped by as lesson after lesson was noticeably spiritual. Why? Because that is what missionaries are called to do. We are here to baptize. It's that simple. As I attempted to fulfill my calling, the Lord supplemented my effort. People were provided. I was given what to say and when to say it. I felt a certain approval from my Heavenly Father. When I was not willing to do that, I received no such help.
      I was also able to go on splits with Elder Be. again. It's cute when they are so young on mission. ;) I made him eat nothing but fufu and some intestines. By the way, this is not torture. I eat that stuff all the time. It's a little chewy and it's covered with little beads that are called villi, which look a little sill-i, but act as little vents. [ a little School House Rock humor ] (We ran into some pretty German girls that day, giving us the eyes. They came up and started chatting us up. Elder Be. had no idea what to do. They seemed wounded when we didn't ask for their numbers. Sorry girls, I'm taken. Anxiously engaged in a good cause! Hahaha)
     Christmas proper was mostly spent visiting just a few Church leaders with the Terrys, in Santa hats we made by cutting some stockings that were left here. Then, we went to the Abu's where they fed us. Then we went to the Christmas Fireside. Or rather my companion did. I was out in the lobby calling my family! I love you!
     Soon is the year I go home. That just boggles my mind. Actually, what I am looking forward to most is my brother's mission call. Hurry up, Hans!
     Love you all! Take care, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year's!


    Elder W. Farnbach

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