Monday, October 4, 2010

#57 - Zone Leader Work in Odorkor

Dear Friends and Family, October 4, 2010

     Well, this week, by the numbers, was pretty bad. But you know what? I loved every minute of it. It was a crazy Exchange-athon, with me splitting with 2 of the new trainees, and Elder On. Most of the missionaries I was with have been on their missions for less than 3 transfers. That being said, I was very impressed, especially with Elder Co. Elder Jo. is also doing a fantastic job in Odorkor II, and area that functions more like a European mission then a West African one. It's a little odd. I've been around Elder Jo. for about 5 months now even though we were only companions for 3 weeks. He's a cool kid and a killer good worker. As our DL, we've made him aware that he needs to fix every companionship in his district, which includes us! He's really taken to it. I respect him a lot.
President Smith came to do apartment inspections. Jump back 6 months - President did and inspection when our apartment was in shambles. He looked at it now, and first thing he said was "Elder Farnbach, you've grown up!" Now, to be fair, I've been noted for clean apartments in the past -- 5 times (on my mission... Tyler Walker, say nothing.), and it was a fluke that he caught us during that one bad time. But it's true. I feel like I've grown a lot from my mission.
     As I have focused less on numbers, and more on people, I've found that I love my time here a lot more. Go., a random contact, has decided to be baptized. We were worried about a girlfriend, but he said, "Actually, I don't know why, but we stopped sleeping together right after you started teaching me." That is the Spirit at work. It's the motivating force that drives us to do good. It gives us strength to make changes that we otherwise would never try to make. Ki. , our on again, off again drunk has been officially off alcohol for three weeks. He seems happier and his mind more clear. And, he notices it himself. I wish I could pretend we were awesome teachers, but really, it was just the Spirit, working a mighty change in his heart.
     We've also tried to work more with the members. Mi. is still having Ghana problems, so we sat her down with our Relief Society President (who is 8.5 months pregnant, by the way). I love Sister Ab. She really is wonderful. I can't say the problem is being solved over night, but I feel like it was a huge improvement over Elder Da. and I hammering on her to just pray. Our Elders’ Quorum just called a counselor and everyone seems to be paying more attention to doing missionary work.
My big fear now is that I'll be transferred… at all, I mean. I wouldn't mind finishing my mission here in Odorkor. I work with the Stake Presidency now, too, so a lot of good can be done. All my converts are here, in this stake. Wards are about to divide and buildings are going up all the time. The work is flying forward here in McCarthy Hills, and man, I just love being a part of it. I never want to leave.
     Not much else to say. I just love everything and everybody. Thank you to those who take their precious time to shoot me a letter. Life moves so fast. I'm staring down the barrel of single-digit months left! I'm terribly sorry if you have written me and I have not written back. Please, if this is the case, let me know.
Elder W. Farnbach
P.S We won't see Conference until November...

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