Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009 #15

Dear Friends and Family,

So, I don't know how much my parents publicized the news, but I've been transferred again... back to Kasoa. Well, Kasoa Apartment. I'm now the senior companion in Buduburam, the Liberian Refugee camp. The area is sweet, and the apartment, missionary-wise is Zion. Elder H. and I are still pals, Elder B. and I get along well, and Elder H. trainee, Elder O. is seriously one of the most amazing missionaries in the field. I woke up this morning to freshly shined shoes... as did Elder H., Elder N. and Elder B.... Seriously, I just wanted to tackle the kid. He's the man. We just found out Elder N. will be transferred, though, so we have two new missionaries coming in... duh-duh-dun! Elder H. made the mistake of telling our converts I was back so we had about 10 FMs [ free meals ] to go to... that was awesome.

Elder B. is from Vancouver, and he knows the Gassaways. Brandon, this means you. His second day with me, he turned 20, so we went and dropped 30 cedis on 2 big pizzas and soda. I think it really loosened him up, plus "beef pizza" was nice. It's fun to see Elder Fi's converts, and be in my old zone with my old zone leaders. Every time we call our numbers in, the Zone Leaders give the phone to Elder F. and we chat about people he knew, and places we should go. That's actually been really helpful. Plus, I drop his name a few times, and the ward loves me.

Kasoa has changed a little since I got here. They completely got rid of the old market, which was CRAZY. Cops EVERYWHERE. [ Internet ] Cafe's still here, though, so what else matters? Don't know how much I'll be cooking, but President has specifically said I need to get Elder B. comfortable with the local food. He really is a good kid. Seven elders from his MTC have already gone home, 2 from this mission, 5 from Nigeria... and those 5 are all Africans. Where are they going home to? Anyway, so President said he wants me to spend a little extra time "Africanizing" him.

Being Senior Companion is weird. We are the youngest companionship on mission, and I've definitely felt the Spirit come in and make up for my deficiencies. We had our first companion study (which is extra hard since I've never had good companionship study training), and I just started saying things. I learned a lot right then. Personally, as a companionship, and as a mission we are working a lot on teaching by the Spirit. It was perfect. Back in Abomosu, I realized I needed to work on it... suddenly our Mission President decides we all need to listen to "The Divine Companionship" by Elder Holland. Every missionary needs to read it. Elder B. and I, even though we've only been together a few days, have already had spirit driven moments. As we went over our people, I started getting little feelings about people I've not even taught. "I think we can give Vincent and Esther a date." Elder B.: "I was JUST going to say that!" Plus, we had an awesome experience teaching Sister B., the ETERNAL progressing investigator of Buduburam. She had a serious concern about sealing, at least that was her question, so we started talking about it a little. I started teaching about how the gospel will bless her potential husband, even if he isn't accepting right now. Then, Elder B. comes in with a powerful testimony on her ability to share the gospel with them, and you could just see the change in her. What she asked wasn't what she needed to hear, but Elder B., by the Spirit, answered her secret question. There are many stories like this, and I'm sure we'll have more, but it's been wonderful.

Christmas will be interesting, thats for sure. Not sure how it will look in a refugee camp, and the missionaries aren't really expected to proselyte on that day. Many of my Kasoa families have told Elder H. they want Elder B. and me to come for Christmas. I'm just looking forward to calling home!

Love you all very much, and have a wonderful Christmas season. You do not know how much I think of and pray for all of you, and I look forward to coming home and spending the holidays with you. Right now, though, I have something very important to do. So important, that I'll let it take me away from the family and friends that I love.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Elder Farnbach

PS Elder Farnbach asked me to remind everyone of this. When you write him a letter, please please please make sure you put your address in the body of the letter. That is the only way he has it so that he can write back to you.

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