Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2, 2009 #14

Okay, I'll try and sum up everything as best as possible.
The work is crazy, and as follows. We have been assigned to the Abomosu district, the oldest district in the Church. This is not a good thing. Activity hovers around 30%. We have 5 branches: Abomosu, Asunafo, Asuom, Kwabeng and Senkubanse. Kwabeng and Asuom are on two hour schedules, but the zeal for missionary work is refreshing. President Amu was not able to serve a mission, so I think that really bothers him. He is trying to make up for lost time. We've been spending one day in each area, and on Sundays, we rotate. We spend about 1 to 1.5 hours training the branch missionaries and having correlation meeting. We have a meeting EVERY day.

We just found out at President interviews today that we've been doing the work all wrong. We've been having them find, and we teach. We are instead supposed to be training all the branch missionaries to teach. This means splits, every day. My current companion is, as president says, "The Best in the Mission." The goal is to make this district a stake by the end of 2010. The only thing in our way is 300 baptisms... Active baptisms. Each branch has been charged to do 5 at least, but Abomosu is about 4 times as big as Asuom, so we'll be adjusting our goals accordingly. This means every month we need to be doing 25 baptisms.

This has been a dream come true, to be honest. It has nothing to do with baptisms, but rather that I have the chance to work so much with Church leadership, and building a stake of Zion, just like the pioneers. The Spirit, where people are willing to work, is SO strong. I'm going to be honest. The goal is not too huge. Never mind that these people haven't had A baptism since the missionaries left a year ago. The past is past. I just feel as though the Lord has a special purpose for this place. Every branch missionary, every branch president, leader, investigator, and missionary has been prepared and placed for what will be a perfect storm of missionary work. The wilderness will blossom like a rose, just as was promised, and Zion will be firmly established. I only pray that the Lord will suffer me to stay for a long time (Also, Asuom should be getting internet before the end of the month, so the only con will melt away.)

I've been working to seek the Lord's guidance in everything. I've just finished Jesus the Christ and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and for a few moments, I caught a glimpse of the entirety of the Plan. Elder LaGrand Richards talk "Missionaries Experiences" helped to. The Bible is not a blue print for a church. It is not the complete plan, by any stretch, but it is more then a patchwork of lives and stories. The Scriptures, the Priesthoods, the Principles, the Prophets, the Commandments... everything is encompassed as part of one grand whole. A single piece of fabric, with no loose ends. How blessed are we, to be living in this, the Fullness of Times, when all things are gathered into One in Christ?! And what a Fullness!! A Fullness of Peace! A Fullness of Joy! Of Happiness and Love! Oh, the mercy of the Father towards the human family!! Remembering this makes my part seem so small, but I want to do all I can to take this Fullness to others.

What else again? I feel like I should end with that. It is a spiritual high like I've never felt. I've noticed that, like Elder Jones, even when I can't understand, I can recognize when Truth, real Gospel Truth is being taught.

The house we are in is wonderful, except the spiders are about as big as my stretched-out palm. We've killed 15 so far, and chased about a dozen lizards out of our kitchen. We also killed a rat.

Elder Abu is Hyrum Smith. The horrible things he had to go through to earn his testimony makes me feel honored to work along side him. We also have a wonderful couple next to us, Elder and Sister Terry, from LA. They have been such blessings. They've served 3 missions in Africa so far -- Tanzania, South Africa, and here. Sister Terry memorizes EVERY leaders name, and picks up Twi fast. Elder Terry does not. They promised, for Christmas we'll be having tacos. I wanted to cry.

I received mail this last transfer. There can never bee too many, but it was a LOT! Thank you so much! Being cut off out here in the Bush has really taken its toll on me, and getting such a wonderful outpouring of love and support is just what the doctor ordered.

What else... I haven't learned MUCH more Twi, but I received an audio CD from the Mission Home to teach me. The Office Elders find all sorts of cool stuff from forever ago, and if you know when and what to ask, you can get a lot of cool stuff.

Love you all! Please, as part of New Year's Resolutions, remember missionary work. Everyone needs to know what you know.

Elder Farnbach

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