Monday, August 2, 2010

# 48

Dear Friends and Family, Aug. 2, 2010

     This last week, I can honestly say, we worked our tails off. We had a huge break on Friday, with a 6 hour training meeting, and then Elder Ho. had to stick around with the attorney to go over his testimony, but if you take that out, we didn't really ease up this week. We got really tired of proselyting the same old area over and over, so we went up to Deseret Hospital... Dr. K's hospital. I just had a great feeling about the idea of proselyting in a place called "Deseret"... and low and behold, it was indeed awesome. We were knocking on doors all over town for a good 2 hours and nothing was jumping out at us. As we were getting discouraged, Elder Ho. said "There is a reason we have been knocking for two hours. We just gotta find it." Then, we got to Sister Gladys' place. Gladys is a Liberian, who has always held a special place in Elder Farnbach's heart. I know of myself just how much Heavenly Father loves His Liberian children! We began teaching her just a little about the Book of Mormon, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she seemed very excited. The Spirit was definitely there. As we left that place, we both said "and THERE it is!" On our second visit, she agreed to be baptized. Liberians! I tell ya!
     The fun didn't stop there, though. We went up to find Collins, a brother who just came to Church on his own. "I've passed these buildings for a year and a half, and it was always in my heart to come here."... so I whipped out 2 Nephi 33:1 "...the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men." So we explained to him that it wasn't his own mind, but rather the Holy Ghost leading him to the Church. He agreed to be baptized, too! Second case of awesome.
     THEN Aaron K. gave us another referral (by the way, I hope you all sit down, make a list, a prepare to refer someone to the missionaries. It takes a huge load off us with the whole knocking-doors thing.), which NEVER happens, and another random person just showed up to church (and to make it better, his sister is a member!). We'd been fasting and praying and working so that the Lord would lead us to people looking for Him. I'm glad to report, so far, so good!
     There were a TON of Obrunies at church on Sunday. Elder Ho. and I had no idea what to do with ourselves, to be honest. They were here from Weber State to do some medical service stuff. They rushed us and our "White Anxiety" kicked in like crazy. I noticed this about 3 months ago... I don't know how to be around people from the US any more. You folks are just weird, that's all :)
     Elder Ho. is off testifying today, so I'm on three-way splits. When he gets back, we're going to ShopRite for Bratwurst and Malts (Malt is actually Malta, a non-alcoholic barley-flavored soda. Weird? -for you Obrunies, maybe.)
     I ran into Elder Be. while I was tracting around Cantoments (President put me on splits while Elder Ho. was with the attorney). Man, it was good to see that kid! Like I always say, I'm a proud papa. And, I met my grandson! He's from Zimbabwe.
     We had to adjust over to the new monthly system that the missionaries around the world are using, so we've just begun getting trained on that. I can say that our new teaching method emphasizes listening to the Spirit way more then ever before. It feels so wonderful having the Gift of the Holy Ghost. What a blessing to have the promise of communication, protection and guidance from God at all times and all things and all places. Paul says that the Holy Ghost is an earnest, or foretaste, of the way Heaven feels. I've made it my personal goal to be "quick to observe" His promptings, and receive light upon light, "revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge, that thou mayest know the mysteries and peaceable things—that which bringeth joy, that which bringeth life eternal." (D&C 42:61)
     I love you! I'm terribly surprised by how fast this last year has gone. Elder Ho. says the next one will be even faster. Let's find out!
 Elder W. Farnbach

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