Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buduburam #25

Dear Friends, Family, and the Occasional Browsing Blogger, February 22, 2010

This week was a huge step up from last week. I can't say too much happened, but it was nice. I went on splits with Elder Mc, the former AP [ assistant to the President ]. He had been an AP since I arrived, and to be honest, he's like my on-mission hero. So, I was stoked to go on splits with him. I picked up some wonderful scriptures and analogies, but I didn't feel completely out-classed, so that was nice. We had a great lesson with the Ws. Elder Mineer, [ a friend from BYU ] in one of his letters, pointed out that they'd been instructed to dedicate the homes of anyone who so desired. Well, Elder Be. and I had done that, and then gave a blessing to Sis. W, because she had had a month-long headache. The lesson with Elder Mc basically turned into an hour-long testimony on their parts of the power of the Priesthood in their lives. I felt bad Elder Be. wasn't there, because man, it felt great! We tried to implement the advice Christ gave the Apostles. "Go into the house, bless the sick, bless the home, and share a small message." And BOOM! A family is baptized. Or rather, will be. J. needs an Abortion interview. But anyway, S. W. said, "I was struck by the quietness of it. They didn't come in, banging drums. It was reverent and calm." J said, "And since they gave me that blessing, from when they said 'amen' until now, my head has not hurt." S.W. "And they didn't go out into the streets with a megaphone shouting 'Oh! This woman! It was we! We healed her!' What they did was for the Lord, by His power, and they knew it." Seriously, I couldn't stop beaming. S.W. has been wanting to know EVERYTHING about the Priesthood, and one day said "Do you think it's possible that I could be a Melchizedek Priesthood holder?" We then explained what Joseph Smith said in the Doctrine and Covenants. Salvation is all about obtaining the Priesthood, (hence the highest order being marriage), and he would HAVE to to be saved. That's probably why he and A., another investigator of ours, went out and bought sodas right after S. was ordained. He was so happy, and he kept waving his Baptismal Certificate everywhere. It was wonderful.

We had Interviews at the Temple again. To be honest, I'd love to go into an interview with President completely calm. I mean, this time, I had more success to report. Our district is set to have more than 20 baptisms in a transfer. Elder Mc says his whole mission, that has never happened. And we are just a district of 4 missionaries. We are doing well. Elder Be. and I had a goal of 6 (which was crazy. Our zone leaders wanted us to lower it because we "didn't have the names for it." Well, first our DL [ District Leader ] did. Then our ZLs [ Zone Leaders ]did, then the APs did. They all thought it was impossible...), and now we are set to baptize 9! I mean, seriously, I wish I could for once feel great going into an interview. President is sort of intimidating. Anyway, then we went to the Temple, and I got super-charged again. Well, mentally... I ran into what Paul and Nephi both complain about. "Whenever I want to do good, THAT is when my weaknesses come up!" That Saturday, I was just super-sluggish. Luckily, Elder Be. worked like gang-busters. He alone contacted about 45 people!

Mail came on Friday. Thank you so much for the packages! I received one from Mommy and Daddy, Oma and Grandpa Bill, and Seth A. It had 20 stamps in it (thank goodness!) and some candy. The cinnamon candy... well, I have zero self control for all things cinnamon. The Good&Plenty were great, Mom! Also, I heard from Marta, Elder Decker, and Nina. Sister Ferguson's letter was hilarious, btw.

Elder Holland will be here on Wednesday, and President is coming to sit in on District meeting tomorrow... Elder Or. is hoping Elder Holland accompanies him... I doubt that will happen...

Anyway, love you all, very very much! Things are going well, and I'm really starting to hit my stride! As always, write MORE! :)
Elder Farnbach

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